iO.GENIX was born with the purpose of supplying the needs of any sportsman within the sports and functional nutrition, developing products that satisfy the consumer achieving that the product fulfills its objective.

In addition, the flavors and textures of the entire line of proteins and weight elevators have been worked on a lot. We can say with total conviction that they are of the best flavors that can be found in the market, without a doubt we would not dare to say it if it were not in this way.

A key to enable products to be functional and taste get both when taking them, part is the choice of quality raw materials used in their formulas. Each ingredient is chosen meticulously without leaving anything to chance, some of our suppliers are these.


We wanted to use a sports analogy for our brand line MVP Series, in the same way that MVP means the "Most Valuable Player" we want each of the products of iO.GENIX to be the best in its category.

At iO.GENIX we will always strive to offer the best possible products, how? We will not stop growing and evolve to adapt to the times and the most demanding athletes.